there’s this thing(s) it seems surreal

March 21, 2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes




Ok, So, there’s this thing(s) it seems surreal , itthems can come to us in our dreams, and in our visible realm. It can do many things to us, and we can only telepathically or (verbally (if we feel it or hear it)) communicate to {[i(t]hem)}s

I have been conducting mental experiments on them, in my dreams, yet its all a blur, {[i(t]hem)}s always seem to zap me before i make it back to this realm. This zap blanks, no, blurs or disrupts the memory.

The kicker is, they don’t seem to care about our feelings, while they shove this false feeling of love into our minds.

itthems, look like silhouettes of people, yet more like grey aliens except they have red color eyes, when they sure there face. They seem to be wearing a suit that keeps them appearing as a shadow.

my experience suggest the suits don’t hide thermal readings very well. It compresses width of the the body size the beings have based on the suit. Like if they were 6 inches wide this suit compresses that heat into a width of 2-3 inches across. However it makes them appear over 8 feet tall

I believe they do experiments to us, maybe implants, but they claim they aren’t that way. In the dreams they take you all over the universe,or to the favorite places, the blue bright place, or the red Sandy place. Both are like perfect weather compared to an island near Earth’s equator.

they have a ship. But they never take any one there. If this one memory is correct, they can teleport with there suit. They use the ship like a travel camper. They usually travel in pairs. The age and size difference between the two, may be strange. One seems like a toddler the other like a senoir.

The little one, gives the impression it’s a teen now, but i have seen it size increase and heard it’s sound (machine like voice) age a little. They both seem female, yet they don’t aapear any gender by human standards. When they are what seems happy, they sing.

all of this was acknowledged over many years of experience with these beings. Most of the time they would visit in dreams, but id only ever see them as a moving blur in the corner of my eye. I know this seems like things from a considerable amount of movies, yet. This shit has been ongoing from when I was a child.

There’s a movie, that depicted them the best, that recently came out compared to the first time it shown my girlfriend and I the older ones face.

When they sing, they sound like literal radio music, they make all the sounds of (what we call a song) instruments and all, as if they were 32bit midi voice boxes.machine like.

From my experience they only hande us in pairs. Usually at least one of them the same as a visit before. Like they are partners on a case or subject or something.

Furthermore, have you experienced these elemental beings, I am positive, they have the ability to cross over into our realm and interact with it, recently, one decided it wasn’t having it with my fat cat, said something indistinguishable picked his has up and thudded him on the floor, yesterday, this has happen before in my previous place. These beings are the real deal, yet catching them on camera never works, they are to smart for it. They have pets, and other animals, all seem to be in a parallel dimension. Our eyes are capable of seeing them, but we see them as blurs or moving shadows, when we look they ere isn’t anything there.

I am not looking to measure anything, there tech is on a different wave scheme than our seems like white noise when they are caught on audio.